UAS Australia is the exclusive distributor for the Oceania region of the Aibotix X6 (Sky Copter X6) Hexacopter, SmartPlanes SmartOne Unmanned Aircraft and the Z-Boat 1800 Hydrographic Survey Boat manufactured in Germany, Sweden and USA respectively.

These crafts are designed to achieve the highest reliability, repeatability and safety, incorporating reliable brushless drive motor systems, GPS hold and pilot assist systems plus on-board firmware that makes autonomous flying/mapping easy and affordable.

We are currently adding other applications supported by videos and photos which are based on real world experiences sent in by end users. These UAVs are sophisticated flying platforms that carry the latest camera technology, H.D., full frame, Near IR and thermal imaging supported by compensating camera gimbals and software that allows stabilised hands off flying, way point navigation plus stabilised manual flight when needed.